We are changing the way online selling is done with one and only globally networked and fully automated DMSMatrix.

Get connected to the next-gen e-commerce world with DMSMatrix. From Market Places to Sales Channels, Carriers to 3PLs, accounting software to e-signature applications; you will find everything ready and waiting for you to get started immediately.

Multiple Channels: Multiple formats

Each online sales channel comes with it’s own trading format; everything including stock movement and till payment terms is different. It gets extremely complex and time consuming to manage all these variations. DMSMatrix solves this problem. Set your own rules and shift your focus on to growing your business rather wasting time on day-to-day administrative operations.

Computation and repetitive work is for machines

Human Resources should not be wasted in monotonous computations or repetitive work… Let the machines take care of that and use your resources for more important work: taking smart emotionally intelligent decision and building relations.

Is it USD or Yen…

Whether your channel pays in USD or Yen, this system will take care of the complex currency computation on run time basis and save you from ongoing invoice / payment amount mismatch due to currency fluctuations.

Single or multiple depots? No worries

Whether you keep your stock in 1 depot and use a single courier or you are a global organisation with stock in multiple depots with product based carriers shipping your items, manage your operations with all major 3PLs and carriers integrated into DMSMatrix.

Channel Specific Digital Product Gallery

It’s very old fashion now to share product details to your sales channel buyers via email. Get hi-tech and display yourself professionally with DMSMatrix Digital Product Gallery. The best thing is that you can have different galleries for each channel for better control on pricing and profitability.

The only solution which allows you just put your time and effort into growing your business; the rest is all taken care of by DMSMatrix. DMSMatrix: The only solution which is truly integrated and automated.