DMSMatrix is changing the way e-commerce is done and making world a better place.

Agents have to deal with both merchants and publishers in their work. This doubles their operations and complexity. DMSMatrix is tuned to handle your work on both sides.

Automated Payments alerts

DMSMatrix is advanced enough to maintain multiple types of payments terms and generate invoices / payment alerts accordingly for both payable and receivable transactions. DMSMatrix is one system which does it all.. Now how about you sit and enjoy a cuppa.

Package SKUs

For the first time in e-commerce ERP history, DMSMatrix has introduced package SKU functionality. Using this you can create deal packages with a mix of different SKUs. Running package deals has never been so.

Dual Role

Being an Agent does not always restricted you to promoting your client merchant’s products. You can certainly own and sell your own stock as well. You don’t need two systems to play a dual role, DMSMatrix is going to assist you in growing your own merchant business as well.

Enable Both Ends

With DMSMatrix it’s not just you who gets to enter the next-gen e-ccommerce world. You can certainly take your client merchants and sales platforms along with you by enabling them with our Lite software versions, making your entire business network digitally interconnected and automated.

CommerMatrix.. Your Business Analyst

In today’s fast moving world business accumulates a huge amount of data, which doesn’t aid business decision making. DMSMatrix is automated, and prepares many meaningful reports for you and conveniently drops them into your email inbox so that you can make informed decisions. Very soon you will be able to define your own customer report formats and frequencies.

DMSMatrix understands that an Agent does not work like an Agent all the time; Agents also act as merchants for their own stock. That’s why the Agent’s version of DMSMatrix comes fully loaded with all of our merchant modules.