Sales Channels

Run your business seamless, connected and more automated way with DMSMatrix.

It’s not just about how well you define your processes and policies; main task is the make sure your business follows them. DMSMatrix is your Gini who let you take care of the business growth and it focuses on making sure your set processes and policies are adhered… Contracts Exchange or getting tracking ID back from merchants…

Enable your merchants with the fully automated lite version of DMSMatrix

In DMSMatrix world sharing is growing; enable all your merchants with lite version of DMSMatrix and get them to play equal role in your success journey. Our lite version will enable both your sides to leave most of the work to system without any communication gape or errors.

Full Scale Merchant/Agent Management modules

Starting from Digital product catalogue, Deal negotiations, Deal Management, Orders Management, Compliance, Invoicing and payment management, it has everything you need to become fully automated and digital to take your business to next level.

Common Customer care system

When it comes to customer issues it’s not just your responsibility, it’s a mutual responsibility of you and your merchant. DMSMatrix has a common accessible customer care system between you and the merchant of respective deal. Keeping customers happy is lot easier now with DMSMatrix.

Digital Contracting

You don’t need to wait for your merchants/agent to print, sign, and scan and email back the contract to you. Now with our partner RightSignature is being integrated in DMSMatrix you can generate contract with single click and Merchant can sign it digitally. Now this is called instant…

Happy Merchant equals happy customers

DMSMatrix is not only focused towards your responsibilities towards your customers but also helps you keep your merchants happy with you. Automated Payment alerts, merchant wallet, Auto order push and many other features retain the harmony between you and your merchants. Ultimately 1 happy merchant equals to thousands of happy customers… isn’t it?

Automated Compliance and Order Management

Once rule configured as per your business policies; system performs entire policing and management tasks related to order and compliance management. All you have to do is keep watching your customer satisfaction graph getting better.

You don’t need to change…

No need to change your existing system, DMSMatrix can integrate your system and enables you with worlds most simple and comprehensive single solution to manage and grow your entire business.

Data Exchange is a big challenge. DMSMatrix gets all the relevant data to respective users automated way. Whether its orders file to merchants or tracking ID back from carriers, invoices or payment alerts… No gaps, errors or delays any more…