DMSMatrix : Your Next Gen E-Commerce Universe

Get into the future, get DMSMatrix

Necessity is the mother of innovation, and DMSMatrix is the perfect example of this. Technology has always driven the e-commerce world; the huge exponential growth that the industry has experienced occurred without the use of a single, universal solution. The future looks bright for e-commerce, and DMSMatrix has been designed to support the shape, growth and network of the next generation of the e-commerce industry.

DMSMatrix is brought to you by Phoenix Biz Solutions, a group with a strong commitment to making the world a better place. Our contribution to e-commerce is providing businesses with the technology to effectively deal with this ever-developing industry.

Modern e-commerce demands more than an ERP system to keep your business up-to-date and efficient, regardless of your business size. The next generation of e-commerce needs a Hub or universal system for complete business connections between partners, service providers, suppliers, sales platforms and other strategic integrations.

The e-commerce industry is currently struggling with incompatibility between different softwares run by separate companies. In the DMSMatrix universe incompatibility doesn’t exist. All e-commerce entities are part of one big system, and all entities speak the same business language.

As we get more connected, the business world is getting smaller and smaller. Times are changing, and e-commerce is demanding a unifying platform of unlimited diverse platforms. At Phoenix Biz Solutions we saw that as a challenge and a commitment, so we are proud to present DMSMatrix, the next generation e-com universe.

DMSMatrix isn’t an ERP, Software or Application; it’s the future of e-commerce. Processes, Product Management, Operations, Business Rules, Customisations, Compliance, Financials, Inventory Management, Sales Operations, Performance Management. You name it, DMSMatrix has it.

Negative phenomena – incompatibility, complexity, differences, delays, non-transparency, errors – do not exist in DMSMatrix. The universe of DMSMatrix consists only of positives – seamless, simple, instant, transparent, efficient, accurate.