Seller Scouting and profiling:
We have vast experience in carrying out seller profiling as per marketplace preferences and requirement. Whether its Category specific selection or Geo location preference we act as seller recruitment wing for marketplaces.

Account opening and onboarding:
DMSMatrix team works in between seller and marketplace to get the onboarding process completed smoothly. We make sure that marketplace and seller both sides gets all the assistance in terms of completing the onboarding formalities.

DMSMatrix ERP System access:
Our multichannel cross boarder online retaining ERP system provided to all the retailers to benefit from its rich features and automations. Its multi lingual, multi-currency and multi- entity web based system. Product listing, inventory management, order processing, cross border shipping, along with all these standard features DMSMatrix ERP System helps sellers get more efficient with hundreds of automation features.

Optimised Feed preparation:
Our large team of experts assists sellers in preparing and optimising the product feed as per marketplace compliance and expectations. Multi language manual translation, product Image compliance editing are also part of our Feed preparation services.

Bespoke Integration and automation:
DMSMatrix also provides bespoke IT integration and automation to marketplaces and sellers. We have a large in-house IT team with extensive experience in eCommerce integration and automation.

Cross border Shipping services: DMSMatrix is also an express cross border shipping service. Sellers who doesn’t have shipping solution, DMSMatrix gets their orders shipped and delivered to end customer globally. We have shipping lines from UK, EU, India and China to any where globally. We are approved carrier of Fruugo, Onbuy, Groupon, IdealShopping, Wowcher, cDiscount and Wish (upcoming).

Warehousing and 3PL services:
DMSMatrix has a network of partner 3PL and warehousing companies in various parts of the world. We can provide full scale 3Pl services to marketplaces or sellers with fully integrated system. DMSMatrix also offers returns management and pick and pack services to marketplaces.

Merchant of record services (if needed): Upon request of marketplaces, we also act as merchant of record for sellers in need. Our system and process provides 100$ transparency to both marketplace and sellers while we act as MOR.

DMSMatrix Services to Marketplaces and Sellers