Being part of DMSMatrix allows you to enter a universe with only one language; a universe where all the elements are completely interconnected.
Welcome to a new world of compatible businesses; the complete e-commerce nirvana.

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Single platform for end-to-end next-gen ecommerce

Using different softwares and applications for different processes of your business is now a thing of the past. Today’s digital retail world is a much better place with DMSMatrix, a single platform for your end to end, multichannel, multi-location and multi-process management needs, from Channel specific Digital Catalogues to Payment Alerts.

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Feel the power of universal inter-connectivity

Get on board with the new digital way of trading. DMSMatrix enables you to enjoy the most automated integrations with hundreds of Carriers, 3PLs, Market Places, Sales Channels and suppliers worldwide.

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Multi-dimensional business performance analysis

DMSMatrix comes with a crucial business management tool : a fully automated and customisable Business Intelligence and reporting module. Stay updated on runtime on all major business trends and numbers.

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Empower and enable all

Having the right technology at your fingertips does not guarantee you success. Until your business associates are integrated with your technology, there will always be compatibility issues with your parters. We empower you to enable each of your partners, associates and clients with our Lite Version to complete the circle of composite growth.

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A truly multi-channel platform

Whether you sell on Sales Channels or Daily Deal sites, DMSMatrix is the single window solution for you to manage your business without worrying about the individual platform complexities.

DMSMatrix… The One!

Who is it for?

Any business involved in e-commerce; any Merchant or Agent who sells online, either on single or multiple channels / platforms; any Local or Global deal site.

Why DMSMatrix?

It’s next-gen e-commerce, fully integrated with all major Sales Platforms, Carriers, 3PLs, Warehouses, Payment processers and Digital Document signing Service Providers. DMSMatrix brings all entities of the e-commerce world together on a single platform for a fully compatible and integrated universe.

Do I need to replace my existing systems?

No… you don’t need to change any system which you are using currently. DMSMatrix can be integrated to your existing systems to give you a seamless entry to next-gen e-commerce world.

What about training and tech support?

Every member of DMSMatrix team is your support consultant; our support services are just a phone call or an email away to make sure your query is answered swiftly. At DMSMatrix you are not our customer, you are our counterparts in this new universe.

It is not just an ERP, multi-channel platform or an application; it’s the future of e-commerce. A single universal system to provide you with all you would ever need to enter the next-gen e-commerce world… It’s DMSMatrix.