Project Description

The Allegro e-commerce platform was established in 1999 and listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) in 2020. As one of the most recognized brands in Poland, Allegro is known as Poland’s “national” shopping website, and it is also the largest e-commerce platform established in Europe. The platform ranks among the top ten e-commerce platforms in the world in terms of traffic, with 22 million monthly active customers, and more than 86% of Polish online consumers choose Allegro as the first choice for shopping. The Allegro platform completed the acquisition of the Czech e-commerce platform Mall Group in 2022, and launched an English-language international website for consumers across the EU, becoming one of the most influential e-commerce platforms in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Allegro platform is mainly targeted at Central and Eastern European markets, including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia. However, sellers can sell products to more than 440 million consumers in 24 countries in the European Union through Allegro’s English-language international platform

Allegro is a full-category platform, the main categories include:
● Home and Garden
● Electronic products
● Auto parts
● clothing accessories
● Beauty
● health
● Supermarket
● exercise
● Books and audio-visual products
● mother and baby
● Auto parts
● real estate
● Collectibles and artwork
● Office
● tickets

Registering an account on the Allegro platform does not require any fees. The process is efficient (usually no more than 72 hours), and the seller will receive support from Chinese experts throughout the process. Allegro supports zero-cost store opening, and new business sellers can also receive generous welcome benefits, monthly sales commission discounts of up to PLN 10,000, and the opportunity to enjoy free ranking promotions and monthly subscription services. The Allergo platform has no entry fee, and does not charge listing fees for most categories. Sellers only need to pay a sales commission of 0%-16% after successfully selling the product. The Allegro platform supports a variety of promotion methods, and regularly holds a variety of promotional activities.

Allegro cooperates with Lianlian Pay, Pingpong Pay, and Pai Anying to provide sellers with convenient and fast payment collection services. The shortest payment collection period is 7 days after delivery. On the Allegro platform, sellers can connect and list new products manually or via API. The platform has already connected with many mainstream ERP systems, and they can also choose the simplest Flat Files—supporting the listing of up to 10,000 products at a time.

Allegro has its own official warehouse service One Fulfillment, which provides platform sellers with high-quality logistics services covering the entire chain of logistics links such as cargo storage, sorting, packaging, shipping, delivery, and after-sales customer service.

Allegro Seller School has prepared free Chinese tutorials and training materials on multiple topics for sellers, as well as regular live courses to answer questions for sellers. In addition to the settlement assistant, Chinese training, and Chinese help center, the platform also has a team of Chinese investment promotion managers and account managers. High-quality sellers will also receive one-to-one support throughout the process.

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