Cardiff, 2009 - and the owner of a print business set about building himself an online shop

Originally an IT developer, and more recently a real-world business development manager for a global brand, he knew the power of systems. Harnessing his inner nerd, he spent hours developing a system that would take and process orders, without him having to touch it.

Many months – and many tweaks – later, that system worked. And before very long, others in his network who saw the power of taking orders while you sleep, asked Sudeep to create an online order taking system for them. DMSMatrix was born.

Since then, the print shop has gone, and DMSMatrix has taken on an altogether bigger mission. By helping real world businesses, listening and working through their challenges, the DMSMatrix team has created both generic systems, and industry-specific applications, that help drum up sales, manage orders and inventory, organise billing and business management, and operate shipping and logistics.

A modular software system means clients can choose to use what they want, whether that’s just order management, or shipping. Or they can use the combined power of the whole DMSMatrix system. And, like any good online software, they benefit from constant over the air updates and enhancements – as well as a prompt response to any bright ideas they may feed back, to further improve.

DMSMatrix is the white label power behind some big brands, from online retailers, to international shipping experts. It operates its own warehousing, shipping and distribution for some clients, too. And – never forgetting its roots – DMSMatrix is also still an accessible platform for the online retailer who is just starting out, and would just like to bake in efficiency and automation on day one.

A Global Enterprise

Fast forward to today, and DMSMatrix has offices around the world

Cardiff, UK

UK Head office, warehousing and distribution

Mumbai, India

The base for our team of multidisciplinary developers, constantly improving and developing our world-leading software

Dongguan, China

Our team of local sourcing specialists helps clients ensure products are to specification, and dispatched as required

Why work with DMXMatrix?

  • One stop solution for all your requirements : IT System, Operations, Warehousing, Logistics, Compliance

  • We are experts in eCommerce Sales, Logistics and Software with over 10 years experience

  • Speed to market: We can start selling your goods on over 20 platforms in a matter of days

  • We are constantly adding new marketplaces so you continue to benefit into the future

  • As a logistics partner with many sales platforms we have stronger relationships with them

  • Transparency : You will have full visibility of sales through our software

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